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London – October 20, 2016 Embassy of Italy

Edinburgh – November 21, 2016 Harvey Nichols, St. Andrew Square

London – November 23, 2016 Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

Dublin – November 25, 2016 Harvey Nichols, Dundrum Town Centre

Hong Kong – December 13, 2016 Harvey Nichols Pacific Place, Queensway

Hong Kong – December 15, 2016 Harvey Nichols Landmark, Queen’s Road

The best Italian wines will play a prominent role in BRITALIA, one of the largest promotional events ever organized by the acclaimed department store, Harvey Nichols of London. The promotion will run from October 28th to December 24th, first in London and simultaneously in the store’s other eight UK locations in Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester and in its foreign branches in Ankara, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kuwait and Riyadh.

For this important promotion, Harvey Nichols will purchase a substantial amount of Italian products ranging from high-fashion womenswear and menswear to leather goods, accessories, shoes, perfumes, and, of course, wine and food products.

BRITALIA will be supported by an advertising and a PR campaign valuing several million Euro that will be realized through the most important and prestigious fashion magazines, local newspapers, Harvey Nichols’s catalogue, on-line and social media.

Further enhancing the promotion, for eight weeks all of Harvey Nichols’s fifteen store locations will dedicate their external store windows and main internal exhibition areas exclusively to Italian products, providing considerable exposure in some of the most important sales areas in the world.

In addition to featuring the greatest Made in Italy products, the store windows will  showcase bottles of the most famous Italian wines in order to emphasize their visibility to millions of passerby and store visitors, an unprecedented, global exposure for Italian brands.

Since its foundation in 1831, Harvey Nichols has made its mark as one of the most luxurious department stores in the world. The headquarters occupies an entire block on Knightsbridge, one of the most fashionable districts in downtown London that draws thousands of qualified buyers to its stores daily.

A competitive force in the luxury retailer space with a prestigious history and innovative, “trendsetter” merchandise, Harvey Nichols is the most ideal department store to promote and sell Italian products of medium and high quality.

The inclusion of a series of Wine & Food Tastings in the promotion will give further relevance and notoriety to Italian wine and food, as they will be featured together with the most significant Made in Italy products in some of the most major centers of interest worldwide, resulting in an expanded global image for these products.

The Wine & Food Tastings, sponsored by UIV – Unione Italiana Vini, will take place in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Hong Kong on the following dates: October 20 in London at the Italian Embassy (Grosvenor Square); November 21 in Edinburgh at Harvey Nichols (St. Andrew Square); November 23 in London at the headquarters of Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge); November 25 in Dublin at Harvey Nichols (Dundrum Town Centre); December 13 in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols Pacific Place (Queensway); and December 15 in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols Landmark (Queen’s Road).

The BRITALIA promotion is organized under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economic Development and of ICE – Italian Trade Agency. The Wine & Food Tastings are organized on behalf of Harvey Nichols by the Italian Wine & Food Institute.

For more information please contact the Italian Wine & Food Institute: Tel. 212 867 – 4111 Email: –





Participating wineries are required to ship at least 18 bottles of each wine that will be presented in all six tastings. Participating wineries should also ship six empty bottles for the display in the store windows and in the internal exhibition areas of the department stores where the tastings will take place. Participating wineries must arrange participating and shipping details with their local importers, or send the shipment directly.


Participating wineries are required to ship at least 18 bottles of each wine that will be presented in all  six tastings. The wines should be shipped with six empty bottles for the display in the store windows and in the internal exhibition areas of the department stores where the tastings will take place. Participating wineries must arrange participating and shipping details with their local importers, or send the shipment directly.


All instructions concerning the shipment and the delivery of the wines – together with the labels for each carton – will be sent directly to the participating companies by the Italian Wine & Food Institute (IWFI).


With the exception of the first tasting, which will be held in the elegant halls of the Italian Embassy in London and for which the invitations will sent by the Ambassador, the five other tastings will be held in the various Harvey Nichols’s store locations in cities across the world. The Wine & Food Tastings will follow the standard setting of other events organized by the IWFI. In addition, each participating winery will have its own station supplied with all the needed equipment. In Hong Kong, there will also be the possibility for the Italian producers to attend a seminar on the local market.


During the Wine & Food Tastings, participants will receive a special “Certificate of Merit,” which will be awarded by a jury of wine experts to the best wine of each winery participating. The “Certificate of Merit” will give further visibility to the participating companies and will emphasize their participation in the BRITALIA promotion. Moreover, the awarded wines will be highlighted in the event catalogue and on the IWFI’s website.


Throughout the promotion, the display bottles provided by the participating wineries will be showcased, together with the finest Made in Italy products, in the department store’s windows and in the selected areas within the stores. The opportunity to present Italian wine in this important promotion in the prestigious Harvey Nichols Department Stores all around the most important and elegant cities in the world will certainly have a huge propaganda value and will give great result, importance and prestige to the presented wines.


Many representatives in the wine sector, caterers, celebrities, VIP, the most important clients of Harvey Nichols, and journalists will be invited to attend this series of wine initiatives. In addition, in order to promote the tastings, there will be a PR and advertisement campaign and various press releases will be sent to the media. The wines presented in the tastings will be advertised as great wine ambassadors of Italy.


An elegant, printed catalogue will be specially prepared for the tastings and distributed to all of the guests in attendance. The catalogue will list the names of participating producers, the number of each wine station, the presented wines and the contact information of the importers and/or producers. Additionally, the catalogue will feature a list of all the participating restaurants and companies presenting Italian food products. Particular emphasis will be given to the sponsors of the promotion. In addition to the catalogue, the participating companies and the presented wines will be listed (at no additional cost) on the IWFI’s website in the special section dedicated to the promotion, as well as on the BRITALIA’s website. Thanks to the contact information of each producer and to the wines labels displayed on these websites, web visitors from all over the world will be able to easily get in touch with the producers.


Every guest at the tastings will be pre-registered electronically on the BRITALIA’s website, to be in accordance with standard procedures, beginning on September 15, 2016.


Every guest will receive a “badge” with a different color depending on their professional category.


In order to participate in the Wine & Food Tastings as an exhibitor, it is mandatory to complete the Application Form. All wineries interested in participating should e-mail the Italian Wine & Food Institute ( in order to receive the Application Form.


The IWFI will select the wineries for participation in the BRITALIA promotion based on which wineries will further contribute to the image of Italian wine across the world.



Tel. 212 867 – 4111 – Email: –